Discover the Aesthetics of
Japanese Culture

with Authentic Tsumugi.

Tsumugi is definitely a piece of silk dress,

made from raw silk Tanmono (a roll of cloth)

just like other traditional Kimono.

Would you like to go for a walk
in Tsumugi style?

We offer a great opportunity to transform yourself into a luxurious Tsumugi style. A well experienced Kimono coordinator will assist you to get dressed up.
Slip into a traditional Tsumugi and immerse yourself in scenic walking areas in Tokyo.(Reservation required)

The Shinjuku Gyoen National Park is located within 3 minutes walk from our neighborhood. Enjoy the precious Tsumugi moment with your friends, partners etc. Everyone is welcome! Experience the excitement of exploring Tokyo in Tsumugi in your own way.

*Basic Course : 5 hours (3 hours of free time. Approximately an hour of changing time before and an hour after.)

*Please be sure to book in Japan time.

Best New Arrivals

Kimono have detailed rules when to wear by their colors and patterns. As for Tsumugi, even though they are top-quality clothing made from finest pure silk, they are regarded as casual wear. For those reasons, Tsumugi are regarded as clothing for people who particularly care for certain commodities.

Tsumugi are also known for wide range of prices due to the difference of weaving process done by the hands of decreasing skilled artisans. In addition, one of the uniqueness of Tsumugi is its durability as well as other pure silk Kimono. If you take care of Tsumugi very well, they will last over 100 years. We could say that Tsumugi are eco-friendly clothing to wear.


Before the Event

1 : Please take a shower the day before the event.

If your hair is longer than your shoulder, it would be helpful if you show up with your hair bundled up.

uphair sample

To avoid scratching the fabric, cut or filed nails would be appreciated.

*Please refrain from wearing perfume.

2 : Please do not be late for your appointment time.

In case of late arrival, please notice us in advance by email. Extension time will not be applied for late arrivals.

*Each wearer can accompany only one non-wearer.

*Each wearer/non-wearer can bring maximum of two pieces of baggage.(Large size suitcases are not accepted.)

3 : Please be aware that your Tsumugi is subject to change.

We ask you which one to wear in advance, but changes occur in some cases.

On the Day of the Event

1 : Please use restrooms before visiting the studio.

After arrival, choose your favorite Obi for your Tsumugi after washing your hands.

2 : We will offer you a new Hadagi(undershirt) and Tabi(socks).

You can take them with you as a souvenir after the event.

3 : Your clothes will be stored in the studio.

Please take off wire under bra. Ladies who have period during the time, we will give you a sanitary shorts to change. We"ll let you know more on the day of the event.

4 : We will adjust the Tsumugi considering your body shape.

We appreciate your cooperation to move your body in response to the Kimono coordinator's requests.

5 : As soon as you get dressed, you are ready to go out.

Your clothes and luggage will be taken care by us. We ask you to keep your valuables with you.

6 : Please return to the studio on time.

When you expect to be late, contact us your location and expected time of return as soon as possible.

7 : Please change into your clothes after your arrival at the studio.

Additional fee may be charged for large stains or difficult-to-remove marks.

8 : Please bring a hard copy of your passport.

If you forget a copy of your passport, your reservation will be cancelled. In this case, no refunds.


For reservations or questions,
please contact via email.
We apologize for
any other options available.


We only accept advance reservation. A Maximum of two people can be in the studio during the dressing.
Please inform the number of the wearer and the gender of each person upon reservation.

Rental fee: 130,000 yen per person.
Payments should be made in advance with credit cards.
*Stripe handles the payment details. Your personal information will not be disclosed to us.
*Reservations will be accepted in the order of payment.

Please bring a copy of your passport.
After your payment is completed, please send a copy of your passport via email or bring your passport with you on the day of the event.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees will apply depending on the cancellation date.
Please be aware that cancellation date is based on Japan time.

  • ・31 days or more before the event : No charges
  • ・from 30 days to 15 days prior to the event :50% of the total price will be charged to your credit card.
  • ・14 days or less : full payment will be charged to your credit card and no refund.
Please be awarethat
cancellation date is

based on Japan time.
In case of bad weather, we will cancel the event.

In this case, we will refund 80 % of your fee. We will send you an email at least a day prior to the event.

Booking Calendar

Each reservation should be reserved
by a maximum of two wearers.

Please inform the number of the wearer and
their gender of each person upon your reservation.

Please remind that a maximum of two person includes the number of non-wearer.

(Two men wearer are not available)

How to Make a Reservation

1:Choose your date from the google calendar.

Enter the number of the people. A maximum of two people are available.

Each slot is available for one or two female, or one female and male.


You will receive the payment link for Stripe by e-mail.

One-time payment for two person is requested.

3:Your reservation will be confirmed after the payment.

After we complete your order, we will ask you what kind of Tsumugi you would like to wear via email.

By completing the payment,you are consenting to our terms of service.

4:Let's start your preparation for the Tsumugi experience!

Please return our questionnaire regarding the number of Tsumugi and the size you prefer by e-mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

5:On the day of the event, please come to our studio on time.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail in advance to double-check your information regarding the day of your event.

Click here for cancellation terms.


What are Tsumugi made from?

Most Tsumugi are made from Shoken (pure silk) besides cotton and linen. Chemical fiber and wool are frequently used nowadays because of its convenience, but basically the material of Tsumugi is known for pure silk. Silkworms generate cocoons to make silk threads, and Shoken is made by weaving warp and weft silk threads orthogonally into a plain weave. The finest quality of Shoken is called Habutae which is known for elegant luster.

Tsumugi is also called Gofuku

There are no ready-made Tsumugi. All Tsumugi are made-to-order. Tsumugi fabric is sold in the form of rolls at Gofuku-ya, a shop which specializes in selling Kimono fabrics. After you purchase a fabric, Wasaishi (craftsmen who tailor Kimono) measures your body size and place your order. Your Tsumugi will be delivered to you later on. Wasaishi sews the entire process by hand, taking into account the characteristics of the fabric and the customer's body size. This process is called “Shitateru” (tailoring).
Tsumugi/Kimono is a composition of rectangular parts. There are no buttons or zippers. In addition, no gathers or use of stretch fabrics. Tsumugi/Kimono is worn to fit well in one's body shape with use of strings and an Obi belt.

How to wash Tsumugi

Tsumugi washing is done by a specialized Kimono washing vendor. Spots and stains are checked before washing, and stitchings are pulled out to place the fabric back to square pieces. After made into pieces, they get washed, dried squarely to avoid shrinkage or twists, and get re-stitched. Therefore, the size can be readjusted to fit the body shape, or the fabric may be reinforced to prevent damage. Due to the technology for washing Kimono has been developed, washing Tsumugi without unstitching is becoming common.

Tsumugi has been passed down for generations

Since unstitching Tsumugi is prerequisite for its maintenance, every Tsumugi is sewn by hands. A sewing machine is never used because the threads come out on the top and bottom of the textile. Wasaishi sews Tsumugi in consideration of the adjustments of the patterns of the textile, movements of the body and wearability. Carefulness and cleverness assure the skillfulness of Wasaishi. This is the reason why properly maintained Shoken (pure silk) Tsumugi is worn for 100 years. With the attitude of wearing high-quality Tsumugi with care, they have been passed down for generations from grandmothers to their grandchildren.

Are all Tsumugi vintages?

Most of the existing Tsumugi are hand-sewn based on some’s body size. The Tsumugi we offer is mainly sewn by the hands of artisans for my mother. We only have a limited number of sizes available, so we appreciate you to confirm your size before making a reservation.